Friday, 29 May 2015

Time flies when you are having fun

April and May are such incredibly busy months here in Lesvos;  our agitation to obtain help to cultivate the land came very soon after our efforts at clearing it by Strimmer.  I raked the entire field into one large composting heap held in place with lengths of old fence wire for ventilation.
Then came the search for a man with a Tractoraki;  that's a small version of a tractor with an attachment that turns over the earth as a plough would do.
  We asked that he leave an area of wildflowers for the bees and insects, off which the birds feed.  And were rewarded with a pair of beautiful Masked Shrikes doing most of their hunting for insects from perches on our fence or pomegranate tree.  There are so many lovely birds in and around our garden it's fun spotting them. Earlier in the season we had Collared Flycatchers but most exciting a few days back were the Bee Eaters on their migration path.      
    Giving ourselves a day off last weekend we went to visit Sigri, in the west of Lesvos.  During the drive back through the area of the Petrified Forest we also spotted this little Bunting; and got a fantastic shot of a Short-toed Eagle. I am reliably informed that it is one, although you really can't see the length of it's toes from the car!!
  Well, it seems I have created a birding blog this time and it's fair comment that we are becoming Twitchers. It distracts me from the rigours of working too hard.  Lesvos is famous for migrating species and many of the best birdwatching sites are within striking distance of our new home. So to all our friends who appreciate birds of the feathered kind, this is the place to come for your next holiday.


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