Thursday, 25 June 2015

Daisy days

For a month we have had Daisy living with us; she is both an adorable puppy dog and a lethal missile when she launches herself at you with puppy-fangs bared to strike!  What a learning curve we've skidded through, almost becoming derailed at times.  Or should that read 'deranged'?   It was a serious error of judgement on our part to believe we could take on a young dog when we have scarcely begun to settle in our new life.

I have hugely mixed feelings now and it's a struggle to let her go to her new owners.  But I must for the sake of my own sanity during the next year or so.  She will be a puppy for that length of time and needs  the firm but caring environment that I know she will get with her new family.  I am not robust enough to handle so boisterous a little creature yet already I love her to bits.

  Chewing a pinecone at 8 weeks …..   
  5 weeks older she found her way on to the top of the storage box but couldn't get back and it's a long way to jump down!
 a beautiful portrait of Daisy dog.

They wriggle their way into your heart and tear you apart emotionally (having torn apart certain bits of my clothing and shoes too).  I'm paying a high price for a hasty decision.  I will miss you Daisy  xxxx

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