Monday, 16 February 2015

My Old Man says follow the Van….

I don't know whether you are old enough to remember that song of my parent's era?  It was an old Music Hall number…..
Well, the truck turned up on time, down at the Paralia, where we had agreed to meet so that we could guide the driver to where we are living.  There are no road names and no house numbers here in Thermi so we could not give an address.  The way of things is simply to arrange to meet and/or telephone with vague directions.  We met at the corner of the road, literally on the bend.  It is a recipe for disaster and would be controlled in the UK by a roundabout or 4 sets of traffic lights.  Here, everyone knows the road, looks out for themselves and the stray dogs who wander across in front of cars, and manages to avoid traffic mayhem by remaining in control, patient, amenable….
The loading took about an hour.  The driver standing on the back of the truck, his mate picking up our furniture single handed and lifting it aboard.  Once loaded, all it needed was polythene covering.
In the lines of the old song,  we Dilly'd and Dallied on the way - stopping off for a coffee, driving the long way round, whilst the van - with my home in it - wound it's way through the mountain road to Skala Polichnitos.  And still we arrived before them.  Unloading was fast; perhaps it was the black rain clouds piling up behind the house.  Once all was inside we paid their wages and waved them off.  Simple. Job done.
That was a week ago.  We still have not unpacked……but that's another story!!

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