Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Water and waterbirds

Saturday at Skala Polichnitos to see whether we have power and/or water; we have one but not both.  Our journey over there from Thermi was made in glorious sunshine and warmth. The route takes us past an area of wetlands close to the town of Kalloni and we stopped the car to enjoy the views and take some photographs.  This area is full of Flamingoes feeding in the salty marshes around the salt pans of Kalloni and today some of these wonderful birds were close enough to us for photographing.
We spotted large white Egrets, a grey Heron, and smaller white Egrets all foraging and fishing for food in the sandy water.
As the day was still and warm the reflections were stunning.
I am continually marvelling at the scenery of this beautiful island and seeing it in the winter months when the light is crystal clear makes it more stunning.
Arriving at our new house we tested the water supply only to discover several leaks in the supply pipe outside and down the garden;  no wonder those palms have grown to such an impressive size!

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