Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The house is now ours!

This evening we attended the Notary and signed the final contract on the purchase of our Lesbos house.  A very exciting day and now we are at the local sports bar kafenion enjoying a lovely simple Greek meal of fish, greens with olive oil and lemon juice with cheese, olives, fresh toasted bread…..mmmm.  Followed - when you ask for the bill - by a dish of yogurt with honey, on the house.
Greeks emerge at 9 pm onwards to enjoy their suppers in this way.  Suddenly the bar transforms into a restaurant, paper tablecloths are produced, the elderly Greeks with their prayer beads go home after the football finishes,  music replaces the tv and people come in twos and small groups to eat together. The room buzzes with conversation and good humour, the sound of the bouzuki as a background.

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